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• 8/21/2017

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• 8/26/2016

Cheyenne Wiki Policies and Guidelines

Mission Statement
The mission of the Cheyenne Wiki is to document, promote and enjoy the Cheyenne television show, the people who created it and other media that expand on the Cheyenne mythos.
Contributions to accomplish this mission are welcome. Please join us!

Language and Humor

Explicit language and cursing were not used in the Cheyenne show, and therefore neither will be used on this wiki.
Humor is welcome on this wiki. Let’s have fun.
Sarcasm and snark are divisive, and are not welcome on this wiki. 

Using and citing other sources

Information added to this wiki should be written by the users. Please do not cut-and-paste content from other sources and post it to this site. 
Cite sources when you add trivia notes to any articles. If your source is questionable, please do not be offended if your edit is reverted. Just try to find a source that is more authoritative.

Selling or Promotion
Adding web links to sites for commercial gain is considered spam and is not allowed on this wiki. The only enterprise links allowed are to sites that are authorized to sell officially licensed Cheyenne materials.

Video Guidelines

All users of this wiki will respect copyright and claims of ownership.
Do not post links to unauthorized video files of Cheyenne episodes to this wiki.
Video links and embedded videos are allowed on article pages only when they meet the terms of Fair Use and support the purpose of the wiki mission statement.  
Links to fan-made videos and AMVs are allowed on user pages only, and only when the videos meet the guidelines mentioned above. Embedded videos of this type are not allowed.
Explicit videos are not allowed, period.

General Graphics Guidelines and Images

Uploaded images must be named completely (preferred name example: “characters_actors_episode.filetype”), be properly attributed, linked and have a caption added to them at the time of upload.
Uploaded images must informatively illustrate something from the list below. :
a character,
a location,
a relevant prop 
a scene
an episode plot point
media example (comic book cover, advert, etc.). 
Categorize photos accordingly at time of upload, using a category that has “Image” in the name
Link or embed photos in appropriate places. Photos that are not linked/displayed/categorized will be deleted.
Please do not post screen captures or graphics that are:
blurry or dark
crowded with too many people
redundant (too similar to images that are already uploaded)
generic (e.g. a random headshot of Cheyenne that doesn’t serve a specific purpose)
Promotional photos must be attributed to their original owners and must serve an informational purpose on this wiki. (For example, uploading random photos from a Google image search is NOT considered helpful, and in some instances could be considered stealing.)
Animated gif files are allowed, provided they meet all the above requirements and the size requirements of Wikia.
Explicit photos and images are not allowed, period.

Fan Fiction and Fan Art

No fan fiction of any kind is allowed on the wiki, including on user pages, forum pages and talk pages. The internet is filled with sites that will publish your fan fiction for free. Post your content there.
Fan art is allowed on user pages only, one piece of art per user. Do not fill up this wiki with your fan art. The internet has sites that will host your fan art for free. Post it there. 
Explicit fan art is not allowed, period.


Contributing criticism of the Cheyenne show and related media is useful when it meets with the mission statement of the wiki.
The television show was a pioneering milestone in the medium of television; the filmmaking techniques and visual effects are products of the era and should be appreciated as such.
Subjective contributions that amount to “That looks so real/fake” or “She’s a awesome/terrible actor” or “The story should have gone like this…” are not considered useful contributions to articles. 
The wiki has talk pages, blog entries and a forum in which to log critiques and opinions.  

Debatable Issues
Cheyenne is a fictional television show set in an era 150 years ago, produced 60 years ago. There are definite differences in culture that have occurred since both of these time periods. If you have a cause or political axe to grind related to these differences, this probably isn’t the best place to push your opinions. Debates on issues, if had, should be on talk and forum pages and must be kept civil. 

Native Americans

The depiction of native Americans, or American Indians, on television is a controversial subject. While the main character and many storylines of Cheyenne are sympathetic to the plight of the 19th century American Indian, the historical accuracy of the show could be called into question. Some depictions of indian characters could be considered offensive and stereotypical, such as the use of white actors to play indian characters.
While show scripts often used the generic term "indians", if a specific tribe name is mentioned in the dialog, it is preferred that the tribe name be used in all other instances of an article.
Pointing out an accuracy/inaccuracy of indian practice and/or culture in the show must be sourced. 

There are many strong female characters in Cheyenne. There are also many instances of patriarchy, stereotyping and male chauvinism. Pointing out every instance of these is not necessary.
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• 8/3/2015


Since this is a new wiki and there aren't many editors, the obvious content priority right now is to get the episode pages formatted and filled out. I've been slowly working on seasons one and two, hoping to get at least season one complete by the end of summer 2015. 
Help is appreciated.
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