Bob Manson is a hostage-taking criminal who has no moral compass.


Bob Manson was leading a gang of outlaws to attack and rob the stagecoach headed to Fort Kermis. Smoke signals from nearby Shoshone forced the outlaws to take cover on a fortress-like mountain side. As they waited, a tall scout and his partner discovered them as they looked for similar cover from the indians.

To Manson's dismay, the Shoshone attacked the stage he was intending to rob. He decided to play the hero and led his men to save the stage. With the strong box in his possession, Manson revealed his true nature to the others.

With the scouts, soldiers and the stagecoach passengers as prisoners, Manson needed to find a way to escape. Through threats Manson forced the scout to agree to lead them to the Mexican border. However, the Shoshone proved too much of a threat for them to leave. The prisoners decided on a plan to run for it to give the woman in the midst a chance to escape, but Manson didn't agree. His men being more chivalrous than he, one shot him dead.


  • Actor Bob Wilke made several appearances as villainous characters in future episodes of Cheyenne.