Bolados is an underhanded businessman who employs several methods to get out of paying his debts, including lying, skipping town and hiring hitmen.


Bolados skips town on Cheyenne Bodie after the cowboy leads a cattle drive for him from St. Louis to Rio Hondo, stranding Bodie in Mexico for three months. Upon his return to Mexico, Bolados lies to Bodie, saying he doesn't have the 800 pesos he owes him and that he will pay him later. During his dinner with Mary "Mississippi" Brown, a woman he met earlier on the stagecoach, Bolados arranges for his foreman and ranch hands to kill Bodie.

Unfortunately for Bolados, his dinner date has stolen his wallet and Cheyenne confronts her about it. He discovers the scoundrel has more than enough to pay his debt. Down in the dining room, Bodie and Mississippi give the wallet back, which forces Bolados to come clean about his cash.

Just as he's about to sign over money to Bodie, a clash between Mexican rebels and French troops sends stray bullets into the cantina. Bolados is struck in the chest and killed, leaving his debt to Cheyenne still unpaid.