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Brandy was Clint Walker's mount for most of the run of Cheyenne

Brandy made his series debut in the season two episode The Long Winter, and remained Cheyenne's primary horse through the rest of the series to season seven.


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  • Brandy is stolen (off-screen) by the henchmen of gangster Delos Gerrard when Cheyenne defies Gerard's protection racket.Decision at Gunsight
  • Brandy had a rock stuck in his shoe, which led Cheyenne to seek help in the cabin of the Rafferty kids.The Brand
  • Brandy was spooked into running wild by a bunch of creeps who tied Cheyenne to his saddle to "dry gulch" him. Brandy ran for the rest of the evening and unfortunately dragged Cheyenne along behind at one point. The cowboy was still tied up and couldn't control him.Top Hand
  • Cheyenne says, "He's a good horse but no manners." when Brandy comes out of the bushes and surprises Miss. Dunbarten. The Brahma Bull


  • Brandy's name was not spoken on-screen and is not a defined character in the show. Instead, he serves as Cheyenne's mount as each story requires.
  • Brandy was a sorrel with a blaze running down his face, a square light patch on his right flank, and stood 16 hands high.
  • To set Cheyenne apart as an adult western, Brandy and other animal characters were deliberately not anthropomorphised. They did not perform heroic acts, communicate messages or display human-level intelligence as animals sometimes did in other westerns.
  • In an interview for the Archive of American Television, Clint Walker said Brandy was an excellent animal to work with.
  • Clint Walker rode Brandy in the films Fort Dobbs, Gold of the Seven Saints and Yellowstone Kelly.
  • Brandy appears on Cheyenne puzzles released by Milton Bradley.