Doc Pardee is a killer for hire. He's known as the fastest gun in Roswell, New Mexico. He has no qualms about shooting unarmed men, starting fights at church socials, and pointing guns at kids.


Pardee came to Agate summoned by Deputy Morgan. Morgan and his criminal partner Clay Rafferty were involved in a stagecoach robbery, and the prior robbery and murder of a man named Whitey Caine. A stranger in town named Cheyenne Bodie was Caine's business partner and was investigating his disappearance. To keep Cheyenne from learning more about the murder, Morgan hired Pardee to get rid of him for $200.

Doc rode into town the night of the church social. Morgan met up with him there and pointed out his quarry. Pardee forced himself on Kat Rafferty during a waltz to provoke Cheyenne into a fight. Morgan intervened, telling Pardee to go after Bodie somewhere else.

After the social, Doc searched the streets and followed Cheyenne as he walked to the hotel with the young Tad Rafferty. Cheyenne tried to evade Pardee, but the gunslinger caught up to him on the boardwalk. Cheyenne pushed Tad to safety and challenged Doc for pointing a gun at an him while he was unarmed. Doc didn't care. Cheyenne spooked Doc's horse and ran off.

Pardee followed on foot into a dark alleyway and commanded Cheyenne to come out and not prolong the inevitable. Unknown to Doc, Tad grabbed the rife from his saddle boot, slipped through a storefront and tossed the rifle to Cheyenne. Pardee shot at what he thought was his mark but it was just a distraction. Cheyenne jumped from cover and fired at Doc, killing him.

Like Herman Tulliver said looking over Pardee's body, Doc should have stayed in Roswell.