Johnny Dembro has been raised on her father's ranch and is more of a ranch hand than a young lady. Big changes are in store for Johnny when a certain tall, dark stranger arrives in need of help.


A tomboy, Johnny usually wore boy's clothes and loved to ride. She loved her father John very much and was concerned that her stepmother had a wondering eye.

One day, Johnny saw a stranger riding up to the house and pulled a rifle on him, but her father reacted calmly to the stranger's arrival, seeing that he was injured. Johnny helped make the stranger comfortable in the spare bedroom until her stepmother Sheila shooed her away to fetch the doctor.

The presence of this handsome stranger named Cheyenne had Johnny all aflutter. At breakfast, she switched her usual clothes for a dress and feigned good manners. The men at the table were amused at her obvious crush on the stranger. The best news of the morning was for Johnny: Cheyenne agreed to stay on at the Dembro ranch as a hired hand.

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