Matt Crowley was keeping an eye out for strapping young men who might make him a good son-in-law.


Matt Crowley was a prosperous rancher, owner of the Circle M ranch and a widower with two grown children. Eager to get his son into the family business, Crowley backed his son’s plan to purchase longhorn cattle for the ranch from south of the border. Unfortunately, his son ran into bad company and was robbed and killed by a Mexican named Nance Partner. Crowley found Partner and gunned him down. After getting his revenge, Crowley hung up his guns vowing never to use them again.

Years later, Crowley was running a prosperous ranch and successful in all but two things: finding a husband for his daughter Molly, and getting rid of the squatter Ben Taggert from a portion of Crowley land called Tamarac. Matt believed he found the answer to both his problems in a cowboy named Cheyenne Bodie after watching the tall man beat up two men in a fight outside the town saloon. But Crowley's heavy handed tactics and hair-trigger temper turned Bodie off. Then Matt learned Molly already had her eyes on ranch hand Johnny Bravo. It looked like Matt's plans were blowing up in his face...and then the real problems began.