Rose Ward, a prim and proper housewife, expects loyalty and propriety from those around her, but she also has a hidden secret.


Ever since she was a girl, Rose Ward was noted by friends and strangers as a beauty. Men always paid her special attention because of her physical attributes and she grew bored of it.

When Rose married Granger Ward and moved with him and her sister Lilac Allan to a remote ranch in the mountains, she knew that Granger was hiding her away from other men. She made herself content with this life because she believed that Granger was loyal to their wedding vows. That loyalty also allowed her to overlook that her husband was leading a double life as both a hard-minded judge and a criminal mastermind and murderer known as the Blackjack.

One day, Lilac secretly brought home a wounded stranger named Cheyenne Bodie. Rose discovered them and held Bodie at gunpoint, knowing that her husband wouldn't approve. Seeing he was in need of help, Rose softened enough to invite Cheyenne inside and remove the shot from his back. With her husband's approval, Cheyenne stayed as their guest. However, Rose made clear to him that she didn't want the tall, handsome stranger speaking to her unless in the presence of her husband. In truth, Rose very much wanted his attention, but she was trying to keep herself away from temptation.

Unbeknownst to her, Granger wasn't as good at keeping from sin. He saw Bodie as a romantic competitor, not for Rose but for Lilac! When Rose learned that Granger had tried to force himself on Lilac, she became unhinged.

Granger and Bodie were in the middle of a life-and-death struggle when Rose pulled a gun on her husband. She explained that she knew all about his double life and that she could overlook his crimes, but she couldn't live with being cheated on with her own sister. When Granger approached her to take the gun, she shot and killed him. What became of her after this is unknown.