Stew Davis is a young, proud southern boy and outlaw.


Stew Davis was serving in the Confederate Army during the War of Northern Aggression. He found himself on the field during the battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and came face to face with General Robert E. Lee himself. Stew offered the general his dinner of sowbelly and beans, but he was ashamed that he couldn't offer his hero a better meal. Lee assured him the meal was fit for a general.

Stew survived the Confederate loss at Gettysburg and made his way south again. He came into the company of a criminal named Bob Manson and joined his group of outlaws. The group was planning a raid on the stage line to Fort Kermis, but a Shoshone raid interrupted their plans, as did the arrival of a tall, dark-haired cowboy and his mapmaking partner.

Stew found the surviving passenger of the stage, Joan Carter, very pretty and offered her both water and food during her captivity at the hands of Manson.

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