Swallow is a gun for hire of the worst kind. In other words, he's a murderer for hire, preying upon weaker and slower men.


The gunslinger Swallow took a job for Martin Storm to intimidate and kill any hired hands who work for competing ranch owners near Storm's ranch. Swallow does this job with lethal ability. Meanwhile, the local sheriff who is in Storm's pocket looks the other way. Swallow is responsible for killing at least three men, supposedly in self-defense.

One day, Swallow was riding with Storm when they came across a tall, dark-haired cowboy driving a herd of horses through what he thought was open range. Storm's men roped the cowboy and dragged him from his horse while Swallow scattered the horses.

Swallow ran into that cowboy again when he went with Storm to threaten local rancher John Dembro into selling his ranch. The cowboy, Cheyenne Bodie, encouraged Dembro not to sell and then demanded compensation from Storm for his lost stock. Storm directed him to get the money from Swallow at any time.

The next day, Swallow was bellied up to a bar when he was warned by a local that Cheyenne had come into town and was looking for him. Swallow went out on the street to face him down. In a tense standoff, Cheyenne politely asked for the money and Swallow politely responded. When Cheyenne started to get down off his horse, Swallow drew his gun. However, Cheyenne was faster and shot Swallow first. The gunslinger fell dead on the stairs of the saloon. Cheyenne took the money owed him from Swallow's pocket while witnesses watched in surprise and awe.


  • This is actor Mickey Simpson's first appearance of several in the Cheyenne series playing bad guys of all kinds.