Beautiful, headstrong and business-minded, Victoria Wilson is ready to achieve success, even if she has to trample on her husband to do it.


Victoria walked into the street with a parcel in hand, a long-awaited dress all the way from Kentucky, when a nearby horse reared suddenly and made her drop the package in a water trough. The cowboy astride apologized as Victoria tried to salvage the mess. She called him a name and ignored his apology, hurrying away to attend to more pressing matters.

She and her husband Sam were getting a new business venture ready, and she was going to interview new potential hires to wrangle mustangs in Mexico and bring them back to the U.S. She found her husband in the company of their new partner, Cheyenne Bodie, who she recognized as the cowboy who knocked her dress into the water that morning. She criticized Bodie's tardiness and his partner's absence, and demanded that the cowboy supply the wages they would have to pay his partner's replacement.

At the interviews, some of her candidates objected to a woman being in charge, and they were soundly beaten and chased off by Jed Beggert, another man looking for a job. Victoria hired Jed immediately. As they packed for the trip, Victoria's choice of supplies didn't sit well with Bodie, nor did the idea that she was riding along and bringing her life savings with her.

On the trail, Victoria drove the wagon for the group and found the dusty trail hard going, but she refused to admit weakness to anyone. At camp, her best attempts at cooking and making coffee were dismal failures. When Cheyenne tried to correct her errors she rushed away. Sam tried to comfort her, but she complained about his ineptness.

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This was actress Diane Brewster's second appearance in season two, and her third appearance in the series overall.

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