Wes Garth is a tough but fair-minded lawman. Tall, strong and fast with a gun, Garth is respected by the grateful people who benefit from his keeping of the law.


Garth's bravery and no-nonsense actions catch the attention of wandering cowboy Cheyenne Bodie, who sees the sheriff as a role model and mentor. In fact, Bodie admires Garth so much he signs on as the sheriff's deputy and considers putting aside his wandering life for good.

Garth has one hole in his moral armor and it is large enough to drive a herd of cattle through. He has a weak spot for Claire Du Pas, a golddigging transplant from New Orleans who would rather have a wealthy man on her arm than a man who truly loves her. Garth is madly in love with Claire, mad enough to compromise his duty, position and the law in order to make her want him. When the opportunity comes to get the money that will buy Claire's affection, he takes it, with no concerns if other people get hurt in the process.


  • This is Don Megowan's first appearance of three in the Cheyenne series. He appears as punch-throwing Gregg Dewey in season 3's Dead to Rights, former convict Wes McQueen in the season 4 episode Reprieve and a bitter sheriff in The Beholden in season 5.
  • He shouldn't be confused with Len Garth, the murderous evil business man trying to take over the Los Altos newspaper in the season 2 episode Deadline.